Does SEO Still Work – For Real?

The answer to this question is an affirmative yes.

Despite the gossip that SEO is dead and that due to Google’s litany of algorithm changes it’s impossible to know how to implement techniques that guarantee effective search ranking, SEO is still very much alive and well.

The most important things I learned when I began my journey to become an effective and talented SEO strategist was patience and NO shortcuts.  The rest of it is pretty much common sense – from a search perspective.

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Dancing with Arctic Creatures – A Google Manicure

For months I have been patiently watching websites — both personal sites and clients sites — as Google rolled out algorithm update after algorithm update.  First it was Panda, and then the little Arctic creature, Penguin was incarnated to ultimately destroy SEO as we may know it.  The funny thing is that over the course of these plethora of updates, 99% of the sites that I manage didn’t budge in the SERPS.  That is of course until recently.

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SEO in the Third Degree

Five years ago you could walk into any Waukesha or Milwaukee business and present them with data concerning their online presence and the fact that their website could use some help in the SEO (search engine optimization) department. Nine out of ten business owners would look at you with a puzzled, clueless gaze, shortly followed by the question, what is SEO or what does SEO mean?  So how do you answer that question?  Is it important that a client or potential client truly grasp the whole concept of… Continue reading

Adopting Effective SEO for Businesses

Over the past couple of years Google has made some major changes to their search engine algorithms in an attempt to filter search rankings to ensure that the most relevant, high quality, and most popular content is found by users.  To accomplish this Google has implemented geographical and social indicators to work as an gauge that a specific business and/or web page are worthy of higher rankings in their search results.

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Are the Title, Description, and Keyword tags vital for SEO?

SEO Professional in Waukesha

The wise SEO Owl

I find it rather amusing that some professional SEO people actually claim that the title, description, and keyword tags are unnecessary. I will refrain from naming these individuals, but depending upon the source they have numerous contentions to support their belief and opinion in this regard.  However, one common factor in all of the opinions I have read is that “Google” does not take these tags into consideration.  What a bunch of malarkey!
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Selfless Blog Commenting

In the preceding post I discussed how I became and SEO slave, and how I manually travel the world wide web posting comments for a little link love.  For the sake of anyone who interpreted that post to mean that the sole purpose of commenting was for my selfish desire of attaining a backlink, please know that any inference in that regard is the farthest from the truth.  Although comment links are useful for the given site that is linked back to, I do not set out… Continue reading

How I Became an SEO Slave

It has been some time since I first began to learn the art of SEO and how it is applied to search engine ranking.  Not page ranking, but ranking that signifies the spot that your website is listed in the search results.  Everyone wants their website in the first several spots, but not everyone enjoys the liberty of that privilege.   I use the term privilege, because although there may be a handful of individuals in this world who can actually guarantee top-five rankings, there are many,… Continue reading

Formulating Strategic and Affordable SEO for Local Businesses

It was several years ago that I jumped in to the internet market arena and began designing a blog to aid in my search for employment.  What I didn’t know then was that you can’t simply design a website or blog, hit the “publish” button, and expect it to show upon the first page in Google’s search results.  Needless to say I searched for my little blog day after day, wondering where in the immensity of cyberspace it was and why it was not showing up on… Continue reading

The Critical Element of SEO: Patience

If there is one critical element of SEO that any seasoned practitioner will agree upon, I would have to say that patience is that common denominator.

What many people don’t understand is that optimizing a website takes time.  Not necessarily in the sense of assigning categories, tags, and other onsite structural elements, but the “results” element of optimizing a website.  You see, just because you have all of the structural SEO elements dialed-in on your website does not necessarily mean that when a new page or post is… Continue reading

You Can’t Fool Google

I am simply amazed as to how many emails I get that have promotions for fancy software or WordPress plugins that will automatically spin website post content or articles, and automatically submit the content to 100’s of article directories.  The objective, obviously, is to attain backlinks through an automated process rather than manually writing fresh content and submitting it.  Apparently the developers of such software live under a rock or are otherwise cut off from the the internet marketing world and the likes of Google’s Panda update.

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